Keeping Homes & Businesses Safe from Fire

Keeping Homes & Businesses Safe from Fire

We want our homes and business premises to provide every comfort, be attractive, functional, energy efficient, secure and of course safe. Accidents within the home are a major concern, as are mishaps at work. These can involve hazards like shocks as a result of electrical faults, trips and falls due to slippery floors or obstructions, incidents caused by sharp implements, inadequate lighting and of course fire related dangers.

Fire is curiously one of those things that we don't think will happen to us, curious because it is quite a common occurrence! Some pretty scary figures were released in 2016 by the UK home office Fire Statistics Team. Although serious accidental fires have been on a long term downward trend, according to statistics, there were 39 more fire related fatalities during 2015/16 than in the previous year. This makes it essential that the fire prevention message is strongly promoted far and wide in order to ensure less risk to life and loss of property in environments including domestic, commercial and industrial.

Professional Installation of Fire & Smoke Alarm & Sprinkler Systems

Professional Installation of Fire & Smoke Alarm & Sprinkler Systems

We are able to advise customers on fire and smoke alarm systems, which can be incorporated within their new build, extension or conversion project. A new home improvement will provide many years of enjoyment with attractive and functional surroundings. Which is why putting in place the means to tackle any threat is a good idea. Sprinklers are becoming increasingly popular in all areas where fire could pose a threat, and evidence of their undisputed effectiveness is overwhelming. Their presence is recommended by fire and rescue services throughout the country, who see first hand the devastation and tragedy that blazes can bring. There have been so many incidences of potential disasters which have been avoided due to the activation of fire sprinklers. Those present where fire has broken out have survived or even been unaffected thanks to this technology.

Their positive impact includes reduction of death and injury to building occupants and fire prevention officers, protection of property and belongings and arson damage limitation. Sprinklers also lessen the environmental consequences of fire ignition avoiding extensive costs and disruption to the community.

Fire Prevention Equipment, Range of Fire Extinguishers

Another item which has been making an appearance in the home as well as in offices, schools, hospitals and shopping centres is the fire extinguisher. These fire prevention implements sit quietly as life carries on around them until they are required, which is when they prove extremely valuable.

As for where to use the different types, briefly:

  • Dry Powder - covers a wide range of fire sources including wood, textiles, gases, flammable liquids and electrical fires, and can be used in many areas. Although it is not appropriate for the kitchen where fire may be caused by cooking oils and fats.
  • Water Fire Extinguishers - are ideal for areas with carpets and furnishings like bedrooms and living rooms
  • Foam - will work to fight ignition of flammable liquids, petrol, spirits and materials like wood so good for the garage, but not kitchen or electrical fires.
  • CO2 - can be used to extinguish flammable liquids and electrical fires, although not for cooking fats or soft furnishings.
  • Wet chemical - Keep this in the living room or kitchen in case of fires involving soft furnishings or cooking fats and oils, but do not use it on flammable gases or liquids such as can be found in the garage.

Specialist Fire Risk Assessment & Certificated Fire Warden Training

Especially in the work place, it is critical that building managers arrange for a fire risk assessment to be regularly performed. This is a requirement, and can raise awareness of any hazards and ascertain which measures and plan of action should be taken should the worse case scenario happen. Your business or home are after all probably the biggest investments you will ever make, so why take the risk of losing them.

Specialists in fire prevention and management Fire Logistics Ltd, offer a comprehensive range of equipment and tailored services to bring peace of mind where fire risk is concerned. With a range of high quality sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and accessories, they also provide fire risk assessments to the highest standards, by a fully qualified fire officer. In addition, they can provide certificated fire warden training courses, including a live fire scenario. They also have a loyalty discount featuring fixed price deals over 3 to 5 years, and a choice of quarterly or bi-annual payment. Call Fire Logistics Ltd on 0191 214 6400.

Keeping Homes & Businesses Safe from Fire, Professional Installation of Fire & Smoke Alarm & Sprinkler Systems. Fire Prevention Equipment, Range of Fire Extinguishers, Specialist Fire Risk Assessment & Certificated Fire Warden Training

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